March 21, 2006

fun character designs

I've recently done some funny character sketches of what my little dog and cat would appear like if they were my human daughters. Yes, maybe I'm weird. :) It's a fun excercise though.

Here's an old sketch of my animals as animals:

and now as people (they've switched places, my dog is now the little annoying sister)

This was a really quick idea, but I like Natasha's beat-up doll as a prop, and Snooper's icecream cone. (She's a little chunky.)

My in-laws have three dogs and two cats, and my parents have two cats... this was really fun so I think I'll try it with them too.


Bobby Chiu said...

hehehe.. very fun sketches! Keep it up

Alina Chau said...

LOL Amy these are soo funny. Nice design!! But Natasha looks a bit tooo "angelic" ... not quite her evil self there!!

The only time I see her look like that is after she cried miserablely, after you walked in the burger place. But most of the time, she looks more EVIL then that ... hummm ... in a cute way! LOL HE! HE!!

Rrramone said...

In laws can be animals too! :-)