March 27, 2006

cake inspiration

My brother blogged in his blog today about a cake competion he had stumbled upon. Nothing inspires me more than fancy cakes! Here are some of my favorites:

Yes, that last one is an iBook. How fabulous is that???

Check out more at his flickr acct here:
  • La Jolla Cake Competion

    Alina Chau said...

    Oooh my!! WOW!! These cakes are crazy!! Wonder how they taste like .... :P

    Rrramone said...

    Mmmmmmm. Discalicious!

    Rayne said...

    I also love seeing the incredible ways they can decorate a cake.
    Here is a site that I think you might enjoy.
    They do some incredible things.

    Vicki Smith said...

    omg! is that a real computer or a cake i cant seem to disied