April 21, 2005

All Ethans Are The Same.

All Ethans Are The Same.
by Amy Haber Kaplan

I should know. I'm married to one.
Ethan was born in between 1971-1979. He didn't like soccer, but played as a child. His mother has the pictures. When Ethan was bar mitzvahed, his suit was too big for him. In high school, the other students thought Ethan listened to weird music. He went to college and met other people like him in his art/film/music/media program. Ethan is, or always wishes to be, a documentary filmmaker. Ethan can sometimes be too smart for his own good. Ethan sometimes doesn't brush his hair, but that's okay, that's what Ethans do.

If you are an Ethan and this is totally wrong, feel free to correct me. I'm only speaking from experience here.