October 21, 2005

happy things in the mail

When I moved back to Los Angeles a couple of months ago, I left behind my job as an art teacher. I really loved it, and I feel like the little kids I taught actually taught me so much about art. I mainly taught ages 3-6. So it was part teaching art, and part surrogate mommy. :)

Anyway, I got the most wonderful thing in the mail. My supervisor sent me a bunch of pictures on a CD from the summer art camp I taught. All of my students were about 6. I'm not going to post any faces, but I want to share the art.

We hung up all their art on the wall as they finished:

This is a painting a student of mine did using Google map satellite pictures:

I loved how this turned out. The kids created life-size stuffed toys. They all turned out kinda creepy. Tim Burton would be proud. :)

We actually used the stuffed toys in a mini-film that we created that week, titled "Attack of the Stuffed Toys!" They wrote and designed the film. Remember, they're six. ;)

I've been a bad blogger

I haven't updated anything in awhile. Let's just say the past few weeks have had some ups and downs, and very little sketching. I profusely apologize! I will be doing the Illo friday this week, plus I have a few more ideas up my sleeves... Until then, enjoy this old drawing. Kinda how I've been feeling lately!