September 25, 2005

Illustration Friday: Fresh

My first Illo Friday! I did this Oooolllld school style, scissors and glue! I've gotta learn Photoshop for collage!

September 24, 2005

while I'm on a roll...

These are some observation drawings I did a little bit ago at an outdoor mall in Pasadena.

a traffic school story of woe and regret

Yeah so I had to spend 8 hours of my life at traffic school today. Which is bad. But, what is good, was there was PLENTY of time for doodling! Meet the cast of characters:

Aaahhh, what a day. Now I remember why I was a bit more productive with doodling and cartooning in college. ;)

The room was dark and people were kind of hard to see, but it killed some time.

September 18, 2005

So sweet!

I came across this little comic this morning, and all I had to say was... awwwww!!!!
click here!

September 16, 2005

Ethan and I are trying to work out everyday and eat better and all that fun stuff. So what does this mean? Last night I dreamt about donuts. Donuts. I dreamt we were in line at a cafe, hungry, and Ethan ordered some string cheese and a diet coke and I wanted a donut. But I knew I couldn't have it, because it would ruin my diet.

That is sad, people. I can't even eat donuts in my dreams.

The same dream had me driving all over LA looking for my lost sunglasses and asking my brother to paint some wall art for me which he then needed help on.

I think sometimes the reason I don't wake up very easily in the morning is because my dreams aren't very far from my living reality. Except my brother wouldn't paint wall art for me. That was sorta weird.

September 14, 2005

It's impossible to have both a laptop and a lap dog.

Doing yoga is hard. Especially at home. With a dog and a cat. Meditation my ass.

Rock concerts were not designed for short people.

There are too many tall Decemberist fans.

September 13, 2005

photoshop fun

Just having some fun with Photoshop.

September 11, 2005

one more for the evening

Might do more to it later... but done for now.

September 10, 2005

Girl heads

Okay the thing is I'm obsessed with drawing girl heads. I found these from a hairstyle magazine. There are so many heads in there I like, I may just have to draw all of them!

Here are a few:

These were done with colored pencil and prismacolor.

September 9, 2005

Here's the thing about Natasha

So here it is: she just doesn't make her own plans for the day.

Her plan is... "Where's Mommy? I must sit next to her."

"Mommy is getting up to go to the bathroom? I will follow."

"Oh, the kitchen! Maybe Mommy will get me a snack. No? Okay, then a part of my body must me touching a part of her body. Sit, Mom, I need a lap!"

And occasionally...

"Oh the fat cat is still lurking. I will attack her!"

And then Snooper's all...

"Come and GET me then, you smelly twit-bean!" (Writhing on the floor ensues.)

And then Natasha's all, "You're going down, Furball!"

And then there's running and meowing and barking and sliding into walls and crashes and things falling off of shelves and desks and tables.

And then Snooper stares at her half-full food bowl and stares at me like, "Feed me, biatch!" And I feed her and retreat to whatever I was doing and Natasha's all:

"Where's mommy? I must sit next to her."

September 7, 2005

old comics of mine

So I did a comic strip for awhile, and I'm toying with the idea of ressurecting this character in a new strip. But I want to archive some of these strips here first.

September 4, 2005

The inner workings of my brain

This is an old illustration of mine, the characters in it sort of resemble the characters in my first film.

September 3, 2005

more old stuff

Old life drawings... new stuff soon!