December 12, 2004

Nothing makes people smile more than a pug in a sweater.

Natasha and I went on an outing today, to mingle with the holiday-frenzied crowds. And she's such a star. We only walked around for a couple of hours before she started barely trailing behind me, and pleading with big puppy eyes to go home. Everyone was commenting on how calm she was. Heh.

In other animal news, I bought Snooper her four dollar toy from the supermarket that she loves and so quickly destroys. It lasted an hour. Good thing it's only four dollars. She is now in the living room meowing at the remains of her kill.

This has been a quiet weekend of solitude for me. I've gotten caught up on sleep, and done a fair amount of window shopping/wish listing in my head for the upcoming holidays (and hopefully upcoming paychecks). I've meditated a bit on my film and my art and where it's going and where I'm going. I've eaten chocolate donuts. It's been a relaxing couple of days.

Tomorrow I need to actually respond to my alarm clock as I need to drop off some artwork to the museum, and then I may or may not work at the museum function. And then it's all about animatics, final cut pro, and after effects for me baby, as my final is on Tuesday. Sometime in between that I'm getting fingerprinted and oriented at my new job.

Bells are ringing in the background here but it's just Snooper finalizing the death of her supermarket toy.