January 12, 2005


I thought I'd out myself. I'm so ashamed. So ugly, these shoes are. Blasphemous. And yet, so comfortable. And I will NOT conform to teacher-wear, and I WILL wear heels to work. So, I wear Uggs at home.

At first they were just slippers. Because it was really cold outside. Then, maybe I'd go the drugstore in them, maybe some grocery shopping. Tonight, I went to the mall. In my uggs.

Oh, and they're not real Uggs. They are knock off uggs. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse.

Tomorrow I teach and then drive 14,000 miles or so to get to the airport. If you don't hear from me or Ethan, we've been kidnapped by country folk near abouts Palmdale. We'll send Natasha for help.

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