January 12, 2005

Desperate PTA Moms

I must clarify: kids draw weird things sometimes. I let them draw whatever they want, unless it has excessive murderous tendencies. Then maybe I'll try to steer them in another direction. But for the most part, creativity should not be squandered. Let kids be kids.

That's fine, right? Today I went into the school to make up a few classes that I will miss because I'm going to New York this weekend. As I left for the day, one the more prominent pta moms on campus recognized me, smiled hello, and went to help set up the bake sale. I think it's a weekly bake sale, and that could be dangerous for my jeans. Self control. Sorry, tangent. So, I walked by the sale to see what delicious sugary goodies I could treat myself to. I settled on a donut. While normally 75 cents, I was excited to learn that my teacher discount got me a 33% discount. I shelled out two quarters for the baked good.

"You know," the mom said as she helped the other moms put out brownies and lemon cake, "you had my son in your class yesterday!"

"Oh, really? How wonderful."

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