October 21, 2005

happy things in the mail

When I moved back to Los Angeles a couple of months ago, I left behind my job as an art teacher. I really loved it, and I feel like the little kids I taught actually taught me so much about art. I mainly taught ages 3-6. So it was part teaching art, and part surrogate mommy. :)

Anyway, I got the most wonderful thing in the mail. My supervisor sent me a bunch of pictures on a CD from the summer art camp I taught. All of my students were about 6. I'm not going to post any faces, but I want to share the art.

We hung up all their art on the wall as they finished:

This is a painting a student of mine did using Google map satellite pictures:

I loved how this turned out. The kids created life-size stuffed toys. They all turned out kinda creepy. Tim Burton would be proud. :)

We actually used the stuffed toys in a mini-film that we created that week, titled "Attack of the Stuffed Toys!" They wrote and designed the film. Remember, they're six. ;)


Alina Chau said...

These are soooo cute Amy!! U must be very proud!

Virginia Valle said...

Ohhhh beautifulllllllllllllllllll I love to work with children they are great :)

Akshata said...

its gr8!
the toys created by small children r very cute....they have a very creative ...yet..often unnoticed aesthetic sense somewhere in them .soooooooooo...best wishes from me 2 all Jr. artists!
have a nice day.

Carolyn said...

These are AMAZING!!!
I was totally blown away. What a fun you must have had.
Your girl-head pics are SO COOL.
Great stuff!

Newsquirt said...

hey there, thanks for linking me on your blog, it's much appreciated :) Keep on arting! hehe

take care

Mike Barth said...

the mind of an untainted youth, is creativity i think noone can hold on to..... though god knows we try. these are truely wonderful peices. makes me want to teach. im sure being around these little guys, is good inspirastion for your own work.

keep it up amy


Mad Guru said...

By life size you mean 3 feet tall like the kids? Haha, those are really cool!

Lori Witzel said...

Kid art rocks. Everyone is so happy to draw/color/open their imagination at that age. It's a shame most of us don't keep those same happy feelings about creating past the age of 7.

P.S. - I love your ability to create character! (Found you thru Alina's blog...)